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Deep Tissue Massage (50 min/80 min, $120/$170)

A more intense massage with slow, firm guided strokes and deep pressure designed to relieve severe tension and reach below the superficial muscle.

Hot Stone Massage (50 min/80 min, $120/$170)

A healing massage treatment to increase relaxation using a combination of heat and therapeutic elements. It helps release muscle tension to relax the body.

Hydrotherapy (25 min, $30)

Book your preferred hydrotherapy, dry heat (muscle float) or wet heat (steam capsule). Either selection will prepare the muscles for a deeper more effective massage.

Sports Massage (50 min/80 min, $120/$170)

Perfect for the sports enthusiasts and athletes during all stages of training. This massage is focused on alleviation of muscle soreness and pain.

Therapeutic Massage (50 min/80 min, $105/$155)

A customized massage using a selection of techniques to improve circulation and reduce joint pain and stiffness.  Note: Massages can be customized to prenatal.

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